Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Open source software technology seminar at TUIT

From 15th, May to 17th, May, a seminar sponsored by NIPA was held at TUIT, Uzbekistan.  This seminar was the 3rd follow-up action of Korean-Uzbekistan government MOU for the invigorating open source activity and I presented for the last day with "GStreamer & IoT". In my session, I introduced the basic concept of IoT and some use cases of GStreamer in IoT domain, and also I didn't forget to say what Open source software developer does.

Most of the attendees were students or government officials who are willing to be involved in open source project in a direct or indirect way. Usually, they seemed to be interested in developing Uzbekistan industry through the international exchange like this seminar. Especially, according to a professor at TUIT, they started a long-term plan to develop agriculture with IoT technology so they need advisors around the world.

After the session was over, we had extra time for QnA. Although I could give them answers properly, there's one unanswered question,  "How can open source software developer help the developing world?".  It is because I haven't thought of this serious question except for donating. It might be a big homework for me.

I'd like to thank my sponsors; Collabora for time, NIPA for flight and accommodation.