Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 It's joyful to work in a huge manufacturer. In CES 2014, LG showed Web OS Smart TV of which I am in charge. Some colleagues said to me that the atmosphere of CES looked like that LG can upstage the competitors with Web OS. Really? Unfortunately, although I expected a handsome compliment review or article in the Internet, I got just reviews. Here's one of them. I think the review is very polite as well as dry.

 Of course, I hope my company's new and big challenge is accomplished so that my incomes also grow up. In my case, gstreamer becomes a kind of motivation to concentrate my effort into one point. I mean, I could enjoy my role in WebOS. However, the problem is one group of senior citizens in the company.

 I am very curious about their decision tree inside of their brain. Someone who can make major decision seems to conclude that the more time to hold software engineers by force, the more successful. Very thankfully, I can be one of the targets. It could be ok for me because here's Great Korea for workaholics. My puppy becomes only victim of the ridiculous decision, she is waiting for me during I am at the office.

Notwithstanding, I want to suggest one thing for my lovely old folks. Please read any article in the Internet by googling with "great workplace", there are lots of good stuffs more than you thought, your majesty.

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