Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to connect Wired Internet on iPad without Wireless

 For few days, I was seeking a way to connect wired-network on iPad Air without wireless router. After several trials and errors, I finally found this fantastic video on Youtube. On the video, even in airplane mode, iPad works on network by wired connection.

The Materials to connect with wired network

  • Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter (Otherwise, iPad doesn't recognize what the peripheral is)
  • Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Lightning to mini USB Adapter and usb OTG cable doesn't work)
  • Powered USB Hub
Unfortunately, only Apple genuine adapters work, otherwise, iPad showed no response on its screen, or recognize the devices as USBIOdevice.

In sum up, I need $76 (to buy ethernet and usb camera adapters) for wired connection on iPad.

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